• September 29, 2023 @ Doris with Pete Froze
  • October 14, 2023 @ Campbell River


  • August 17, 2023 @ Hadden Park Fieldhouse – Woodland Patio Series
  • July 4, 2023 @ Red Gate w/ Pallmer
  • September 30, 2022 @ POP Montreal
  • September 25, 2022 @ The Old School Arts Centre (Qualicum, BC)
  • September 2-4, 2022 @ Tiny Lights Music Festival (Ymir, BC)
  • May 31st, 2022 @ Gordon Smith Gallery
  • June 24th-26th @ Campbell Bay Music Festival (Mayne Island)
  • June 26th, 2022 @ Ocean Art Works | Vancouver International Jazz Festival
  • July 5th, 2022 @ All Saints By the Sea (Saltspring Island)
  • August 17th, 2022 @S’Wells (Wells, BC)
  • April 14th, 2022 @ The Rio  | Album release with Clara Sanchez, Miguel Maravilla and Los Duendes – tickets
  • August 1st, 2021 @ Firehall Arts Center – tickets
  • June 7-9, 2019 @ Tiny Lights Music Festival (Ymir, BC)
  • May 27th, 2017 @ China Cloud
  • April 12th, 2017 @ Fox Cabaret – more info
  • March 4th, 2017 @ Academie Duello | Album release
  • July 8th, 2017 @ Khatsalano Street Party
  • August 13, 2017 @ Woodland Patio Series
  • December 14th, 2017@ Fox Cabaret  w/ Ché Aimee Dorval Album Release w/Jasper Sloan Yip  – more info
  • January 23rd, 2017 @ Gold Saucer (Sawdust Collector)


Described as “lush and somewhat mischievous, yet shimmering with melancholy” (Dave O Rama, BC Musician Magazine), Gentle Party is a chamber pop trio that pioneers an expansive sound distinct to their West Coast roots. JUNO Award winning violinist Meredith Bates and Harpist Elisa Thorn weave a lush bed of strings with acoustic virtuosity and masterful electronic processing for the hauntingly evocative voice of lead singer, Jessicka, to rest on. The unique sounds and textures of each artist in the band combines to create a sound that is dream-like, pandemonious, playful, and evocative. Joseph Stannard of The Wire calls their latest release, God Complex, a “startlingly confident and accomplished second album.” Both their debut album, Jouska, and their most recent release were longer-listed for the Polaris Prize. Their music has enjoyed extensive International radio play and they have performed at major festivals across Canada. 2023 will see the band releasing a stop motion video for their song Black Sheep, the release of their God Complex LP, and the launch of a 7” remix album, God:Complex Re:Mix, featuring Devours, Tee Krispil of NADUH, Fishdoll, and Miguel Maravilla. The trio continues to write and create together with an eye on a new album release in 2024. This is rich and sumptuous chamber pop with an acidic bite like you’ve never heard before.